“My name is Bonginhlanhla Dlamini. I am 28 years of age and from a small town called Mandeni in KwaZulu-Natal. I am a former student of the Broadband College of Technology where I was working towards attaining a Microsoft Certification with employer Inforcomm.

I joined the college in February last year while I was working as a forecourt attendant and cashier at a petrol station in Mandeni. I couldn’t resign from work as I had to provide for my family. Most of my family members had passed on. My sisters’ kids had no father figure in their lives and I had to assume that role.

With the salary I was earning I knew that I wasn’t getting anywhere and life was getting tougher by the day. The only way I could improve my life was to go to school, get a better education and a better job, but this seemed impossible.

That is when Broadband College came to the rescue. I successfully applied for the learnership, but was left with several problems – how was I going to travel to college; who would be providing for my family and who would be paying the rent. As I couldn’t leave work, I had to travel to Durban every day and work the night shift (10pm – 6am), Monday to Friday.

It became harder as time went by. I was frequently late for class, was absent a few times and almost got expelled. I told the project manager my story and he listened. He encouraged me to stay strong, to focus and to work harder during my learnership at Broadband College.

I wrote nine exams and passed them all. I am now working at Stanger Hospital as an IT technician. Before that, I worked at Network Configurations as an intern.

MICT SETA, Inforcomm and Broadband College of Technology have opened many doors for me. I trust they’ll continue doing the same for others.”

Bonginhlanhla Dlamini


“I have been meaning to come and see you but time was not on my side. I wanted to thank you so much for the  opportunity you gave me to participate in a BI learnership.  Now, I am working for FNB. I’ve been moved to Johannesburg to join Management Information Systems team (MIS), which provides reporting and develops software systems for Commercial Property Finance. The things I learned at BBC formed a good foundation for me spread my wings in Business Intelligence. As you know, development was always my passion. Every  system we develop is in Microstartegy and SQL, in which you gave me basics.

Please pass my gratitude to Mr Madi and Lindo. Noma bengihlupha nje ☺☺☺

Thanks again.”

Zama Mkhize